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Poly Tubing            Click Here >> (INFO) << for more information 
>>> Most Deliveries can be made within 1 to 3 Days inside U.S.A. <<<

FDA Approved
1.5 Mil Clear Poly Tubing

2 Mil Clear Poly Tubing

3 Mil Clear Poly Tubing

4 Mil Clear Poly Tubing
6 Mil Clear Poly Tubing

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Anti-Static Poly Tubing

            Anti Static Poly Tubing

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     Clear Lay Flat Poly Tubing          
   Black Poly Tubing


4 Mil Black Poly Tubing
poly tubing dispenser Layflat Tubing up to 60" Wide in Stock!

Poly Tubing Dispensers Sizes from 
(12" to 48" wide)

Layflat Clear Poly Tubing - Large Inventory
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Layflat Poly Tubing is the best selection for any oversized, extra long or odd shaped item such as golf clubs, fishing rods, pool sticks, long wooden and steel handles. Excellent and easy packaging for shipping oversize and long items. Great protection from the weather or dust. Layflat tubing comes on a roll in various widths and mil thickness. Sizes from 1" to 60" Wide and mil thickness from .001, .002, .003, .004 and .006. Tubing is in Stock for immediate shipment. If you do not see your size or mil thickness, we can custom run the size you need. To get a custom quote on a size not shown .... Please click Here >>> Custom Quote.
Note:  Custom run items can be ran and shipped in 8-10 days in most cases.

Our Poly Tubing is easy to use. Roll out the desired length you need, cut it, insert your product inside and seal the ends. Comes with 1" or 3" core size.

Poly Tubing sizes available in 1",1 1/2",2",3",4",5",6",7",8",9",10",12",13",14",15", 16",18,20",24",30",36",40",48",50" and 60" widths. Sizes larger than 50" can be ran as a custom run item.

How To Search for Poly Tubing 
1. Enter a size:
   (Example:  Enter  2 ..... for 2" Wide

2. Enter a mil thickness:
   (Example:  Enter  2 mil and Click "GO"

For all the size 2"width/Mil Thickness Just Enter a 2 in the Width block and Click "GO"
How Poly Tubing is measured
Width  x  Length
Example:     Tubing  Size -   36" x 1500'
36" = Width of  poly tubing - 1500 ft.  = Length of bag (Or Height) Note: Poly Tubing is listed as outside dimensions. Example:  A 36" wide roll of poly tubing measures 36" lying flat on a surface. 

How Poly Tubing is used
4" poly tubing and 36" poly tubing is very popular in the air conditioning and heating industry. Lines and seals inside duct work for cleaning and other applications.
Poly Tubing can be used to slip over round, square, rectangle, or most any type of item. It can be used to cover up, ship, protect and package items. Poly Tubing is an excellent choice when you need a bag to cover various size items.

For a Quote on Custom Size Poly Tubing, Please Click below:
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