Medical Hospital Bags
For Hospital, Labs, Doctors Office, Nursing Homes

Our medical bags are widely used in Hospitals, Laboratories, Doctor's Office, Physicians, Nursing Homes, Labs, Dentist Offices, Care Centers, Emergency Care Facilities, Doctor's Care, Surgery Centers, Medical Transport, Police Stations, Fire Stations and many other facilities..

Bio Hazard Zip Top Bags
These Bags are also available with no print. Large Selection to choose from. Items are in stock for immediate shipment. Large Quantity Discount available.

Labtite - Liquid Tight Bio Hazard Bags
Labtite is a liquid tight adhesive closure system. This is a 3 wall bag which means there is two sections. One is for the lab specimen and the other is for lab requisition. The bag has a pull away adhesive closure that you press to close and has a easy to open score line across the bag. Tape Closure Labtite BioHazard Bags.

Red Bio Hazard Waste Bags
Red Bio Hazard Waste Bag Can Liners with Biohazard Emblem. Large Hazardous Waste Bags used in hospitals, doctor's office, labs, nursing homes, clinics, emergency rooms, and other medical facilities. We offer Five (5) sizes in a red color with Bio-Hazard emblem imprinted on the bag. Items are in stock for immediate shipment. Hospital Bagts. Large Quantity Discount available.

Bio Hazard Specimen Bags
Bio hazard bags with tear zone and pouch on rear for document transport papers. The unique tear zone* allows you to open the bag and slide the specimen onto the work surface without using the bag zipper or reaching into the bag.

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