Cardboard Corner Edge Protectors

Low Cost Cardboard Corner Edge Protectors and Plastic Poly strapping are easy to use.

Economical, safe, strong, but yet light in weight. The tensile strength (The pounds of force it can stand before breaking) is lower than of a metal banding. Core size 16/6 or 16/8.

Standard 300 lb. tensile strength, 1/2" wide strapping. A lot of protection at an affordable price. This product can be tightened by hand and secured with wire buckles.

Strapping is also available in various kits and sizes.

Poly Strapping and Kits

      Poly Strapping - Banding Kits
Plastic Strapping for banding and securing items during shipment. Stock sizes 1/2" in width.

Plastic Edge Protectors

     Plastic Edge Protectors
Plastic Edge protectors for corners and side of boxes. Use these plastic edge protectors to help support the poly strapping being applied to your shipping boxes, pallets or containers.

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