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Bag slides Easily over a roll of carpet to protect while storing or shipping.
Protects your carpet while storing and shipping. Heavy duty rug covers. This is a continuous bag on a roll and you can cut it to the length desired. - Clear. Made in U.S.A.


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Our clear poly tubing is excellent for sliding over rolls of carpet to protect while in shipment or storage. Tubing comes on a roll in various thickness, widths and lengths. You roll of the desired length and cut it as desired. from water, dust, dirt and other debris. This tubing is available in various widths and mil thickness. Sizes from 1" to 50" and mil thickness from .001, .002, .003, .004 and .006. Tubing is in Stock for immediate shipment. If you do not see your size or mil thickness, we can custom run the size you need.

For storing, moving and shipping, select the extra heavy protection, order .004 (4.0) mil thick or .006 (6 Mil).

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6 Mil Clear Poly Tubing

Deliveries can be made within 1 to 3 Days inside U.S.A.

To get a custom quote on a size not shown. (Custom run sizes requires a minimum quantity order.
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How to figure the correct size tubing you will need to cover the roll of carpet:
Important: When carpet is rolled up, measure across the center to determine the correct diameter size. 

Example: Lets say roll of carpet is 21" in diameter, (Outside Diameter measured across the center from one side to the other) 
Take the 21" and multiply by 3.14 which gives you 65.94, divide the 65.94 by 2 which gives you 32.97, then add about 2" to this size which totals 34.97 or rounded up to 36". You would need 36" wide (layflat) tubing to cover the 21" roll of carpet.

How To Search for Poly Tubing in the above Search Field.
1. Enter a size:
Example: Enter 24 for 24" Wide (Width)

2. Enter a mil thickness:
Example: Enter 2 mil, 3 mil, etc and Click "GO"
If you want to see all of the thickness, leave the thickness empty and click the Search Bar.

How Carpet Protection Bags and Poly Tubing is Measured
Width x Length Width is measured from outside from left to right.
(Length on this item  is a continuous Length per roll)
Example: Tubing Size 36" x 1500'
36 inches = Width of poly tubing
1500 ft. = Length of bag (Or Height) (When cutting for carpet, always cut an extra 2 foot longer so you can tuck in the ends
of the carpet, or overlap and tape to keep moisture or dust from getting on carpet.

Note: Poly Tubing is listed as outside dimensions. Example: A 36" wide roll of poly tubing measures 36" lying flat on a surface.
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