Choosing The Right Plastic Bag!

Should I use a Gusseted Bag, Zip Lock, Poly Tubing or Poly Bag? 

At Our Shipping Supplies we try to make it easier for the customer by providing you with valuable information about our plastic bags.  The most commonly ordered thickness is the .002 (2 mil bags). Plastic bags range from .001 mil thickness up to .008 and come in sizes from 2" and up.  We also offer custom runs on small, medium and large sizes of bags. If you can't locate your size, thickness, or the type of bag you are looking for, please send us and email at sale1@ourshippingsupplies.com and we will respond ASAP with this information.

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Choosing the Best Bag for the Job.

Our Zip Bags
- (Clear Zip and Slider Lock)

Impressive clarity
Meets FDA/USDA specifications
Available in 2 - 4 and 6 mil thickness
Large Selection Of Sizes Available

Protect your items from dust, oil, dirt and other debris. Offers a side-welded zipper with a top seal which reinforces the bags making them stronger for re-sealing over and over again.

Choosing The Correct Thickness:
Light to Medium Duty Packaging......2 MIL Zip Bags
Heavy Duty Packaging....................4 MIL Zip Bags
Extra Heavy Duty Packaging...........6 MIL Zip Bags
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