2 Mil Pallet Cover Sheets
Clear Bags for covering wooden and plastic pallets.

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Use our extra large bags to cover pallets during shipment, storing or protecting from the weather. They can also be used as liners for bins and inside gaylord boxes. Covers are also available in a shrink bag. At Our Shipping Supplies, we offer an extensive selection of pallet bags, economically priced and made of strong polyethylene to give extra protection for your products. Poly Tubing is an excellent choice for covering, bagging, shipping and protecting the extra long and odd shaped items. Simply cut the length you need, insert your product and seal the ends for a custom fit. All products are FDA & USDA approved.

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How Pallet Covers are measured:
Width   x   Depth   x   Length
Example:  Bag Size - 51" x 49" x 102"

51"      = Width of bag
49"      =  Depth of bag
102"    =  Length of bag (or height)

Large Rubber Bands for Pallets
Rubber Bands(More Info)
Extra Large Rubber Bands helps secure pallet covers and gaylord liners. Gives extra protection from strong winds which can blow covers off pallets.
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