Self Seal Bubble Mailer Bags

Bubble Mailer
Self Sealing Bubble Mailer
Bubble Mailer - Non Seal

Postal Approved Mailer
Postal Approved Mailer

Dura-Lite Mailers
Light Weight Mailer
First Class Mailer (Light Weight)

Padded Mailer
Padded - Non Seal

Economical Bubble Envelopes
Use these light weight mailers for shipping pictures, CD, DVD, photos, parts, advertisements, and fragile items. documents and many other uses. Bubble mailers has a cushioning to protect any fragile items you may have to ship through the mail, FedEx, or UPS. These envelopes are strong and durable and usually have a self-adhesive flap for easy sealing. Since they are light weight, they help reduce shipping expense. Bubble mailers are available in a variety of sizes.

Padded Mailer
Padded mailers are often referred to as a padded envelopes. Mailers are cushioned with padding inside to protect items from being damage in shipment. These mailers are heavier in weight than bubble mailers. Non-Sealing

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