Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Bags and Film
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VCI Bags (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor)

3 Color Selections - Blue Tint - Yellow Tint - and Clear

Available in sizes from 4" to 130" wide.

VCI Poly Bags provides protection for all types of metal products. No degreasing needed with the use of VCI Bags, keeps the oil and other materials inside.

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A VCI protected product is always ready to use. Environmentally safe, non toxic, and recyclable. VCI is used where corrosion inhibiting properties are required. Great alternative to oil coatings and barrier bag/desiccant methods.

How To Store Your Product in a VCI Bag. Make sure part is dry and clean, place inside VCI bag, fold the top edge of the bag and tape or seal closed. This will make your product corrosion free of rust.

Specifications sheets available upon request.

Note: Our VCI Bags are Custom Run according to size. We do not have certain sizes of VCI bags in stock. Custom run VCI Bags ship in 12 to 15 days after receipt of order.
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