How To Search For A Product?
How To View A Product Picture?
How To Contact Us?
How To Use The Shopping Cart?
What If I want to purchase large quantities? Special Pricing
How Can I Order Custom Size Plastic Bag or Printed Bags
How To Choose The Right Bag
How To Measure A Reclosable Bag

How To Search For A Product?
1. In the search box, Choose either "This Category or All Categories"
2. In the box next to the category, type in your product search and click the "GO"
       If you are searching for a 3 x 5 clear zip bag - Type 3x5 zip bag and click GO
       If you are searching for zip lock...... then type Reclosable and click GO
       If you are searching for Packing List Envelopes - Type in Packing List and
       click GO.  You may also try a particular size like 9.5 x 12 packing list.
3. If you are searching for a large listing of a product, Type in just the Name and search
    through the list and various pages till you locate your product.
    If you are in a hurry, and you know the size or item number you are searching for, 
    just type it in the space and click GO.   Example... If you type 20912... this will display
    all 9x12 - 2 mil bags. CZ20912 will display 9x12 - 2mil zip bag and PB20912 will
    display 9x12 - 2 mil clear poly bag.



How To Contact Us?
Click Here For Information   >>>>  Contact OurShippingSupplies.Com



How To Use The Shopping Cart?
1. On the left side of each page, you will see a listing of categories. Click on the
    category that describes the product you are searching for.
2. When you reach the product listing page, click on the item you want to price.
    Example - Category - Plastic Bags (Click This Item)
                      Now click on 2 Mil Zip Bags
                      Scroll down and find the item or product you are looking for
                      or type in the size and name of the product inside the search 
                      block and click
"GO". See Example Below:
 Plastic Bags
 3 x 5 zip bag

3. Enter the quantity you would like to price or purchase and click "Add To Cart"
    This page displays the quantity, stock number, description and price of the item
    and gives you the option(s) to (Update Cart) - (Checkout) or (Continue Shopping) 
    To Continue Shopping.....  
To add more item(s) to your shopping cart, please select 
    another item and "Add To Cart" Continue this procedure until you have finished shopping.

4. To Update Cart - To view the total amount in your shopping cart, please click on 
    Update Cart. This will show a list of all the items, prices and total of the contents
    of your cart.

5. To Remove Items - Please click on the blue text
"remove item" located to the right side
     of each product which is located beside the price.

6. To Check Out - When you have finished selecting products, please click on the button
     "Checkout"      Going through the full procedure will carry you to the order
    verification page and will give you a total including shipping. At this point, you can continue
    on to purchase the item(s) or you can click the "BACK" button at the tope left of your
    browser and exit without purchasing.



What if I want to purchase large quantities? Special Pricing
If you are purchasing large quantities, please send us the item, item number and
  quantities you will purchase by EMAIL and we will price accordingly. Our special
  quote department will reply back with pricing and information as soon as possible.
  If you desire you can CONTACT US for special pricing. Custom Items can usually
  be run and delivered in 10 to 14 days after receipt of your order. You can also use
  our QUOTE FORM for a Custom Size Item.



How Can I order A Custom Size Bag or Printed Bags?  
If you do not see a size of bag that you are searching for, then please
  EMAIL  us with the size of the bag, mil thickness and quantity you will
  purchase at one time. If you desire pricing on printed bags, please
  CONTACT US by phone or fax or send us the information by using our




How Can I View Pictures of The Products?    
  Select a Product from the main page (such as plastic bags) - click on this 
  product category and you will be forwarded to either the product page 
  or the sub-directory listing of that product. Any product listing which is
  underlined as shown here >>> (2x2 .002 CLEAR ZIP BAGS) will display
  a picture if you click on the underlined text.    Example below:

 Product Category
  Plastic Bags   <<<   Click on this hyperlink
     This will carry you to the following page with information
     as shown below:   CLICK on the Underlined item(s) and
     this will show you a picture of the product.

2 X 2 .002 CLEAR ZIP BAGS 1000/case
Stock Number: CZ20202  Weight: 1.2 lbs.


Our Shipping Supplies
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